Friday, June 25, 2010

Education and State Lotteries

Hello everyone, welcome again, this is my reallyreallife. So much in the news.........BP say's they worked with the government to establish the 29 billion dollar fund for the gulf.............didn't Obama call them to D>C> and say, this is the deal? Approximately 1 year ago Michael Jackson died but fans can take solace in the fact that they will be listening to his music for another generation after the deal Sony struck with the Jackson family. A new album this year and up to 12 more to come. I'd like to pay off some bills but, I don't want to die to do it. There's more but that is enough "in the news".

The state of New York, my home state, is laying off 100,000 teachers. I thought they were already 100,000 short. Shameful, but the good news is that test scores are up. Let me get this straight, they are doing better on test scores with fewer teachers? This is amazing. Let's get those scores a little higher and release more teachers. New York may be on to something for other states to follow. I mean, all those decades of failing schools as well as scores and suddenly, after a reduction in the number of teachers, the scores go up significantly. However, It was recently noted that there have been school districts manipulating scores for various reasons so I am a pessimist on this this.

Here is the thing that I do not understand about New York and the other state's that have a lottery system. A little background....................every state that has a lottery system got it on the premise that the majority of the proceeds would go to education. Every one them. Yet, all lottery states have school systems that are struggling financially. My question is....if the state is financing through taxes the education system, why isn't the supplemental money from the lotteries picking up the slack? In hard times, more people play the I've heard.

In the state of North Carolina in the late 90's into the early 00's, a camera system was put in place "for safety". To keep people from running red lights primarily. Running the red light would photograph your plate and send the offender a ticket. It came to be revealed that the vast majority of the proceeds went to the company operating the camera. However, there was a law in place that said a certain percentage of all proceeds were to go to the city/county. Needless to say, safety went out the window because the company that operated the cameras decided it's goal was profit, not safety. Rather than make less off the contract because the profit were to be inverted, the city/county getting the percentage the company had been receiving. Naturally the cameras were no longer operated and as far as I know there has never been another attempt to replace these "safety devices" As a matter of fact proceeds from alcohol sales go to the North Carolina education system...they have no money for teachers either. Is there a pattern here?

Could these state's be running a similar scam with the lottery in your state? Could this be one of the reasons your state is laying of teachers.....because or profit and greed? Duh, this is America. Everything is about money.I did not create the system, I just live within it.

Everyone should be aware of where the proceeds from lottery sales go, even if you do not play. Your representatives should give a full account of how much is made and where it is. We must hold the people charged with the oversight of our tax dollars to be more accountable and open with the finance books. There are thieves among us. Most of them, we voted for.

I live a full and reallyreallife.

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