Friday, June 25, 2010

Education and State Lotteries

Hello everyone, welcome again, this is my reallyreallife. So much in the news.........BP say's they worked with the government to establish the 29 billion dollar fund for the gulf.............didn't Obama call them to D>C> and say, this is the deal? Approximately 1 year ago Michael Jackson died but fans can take solace in the fact that they will be listening to his music for another generation after the deal Sony struck with the Jackson family. A new album this year and up to 12 more to come. I'd like to pay off some bills but, I don't want to die to do it. There's more but that is enough "in the news".

The state of New York, my home state, is laying off 100,000 teachers. I thought they were already 100,000 short. Shameful, but the good news is that test scores are up. Let me get this straight, they are doing better on test scores with fewer teachers? This is amazing. Let's get those scores a little higher and release more teachers. New York may be on to something for other states to follow. I mean, all those decades of failing schools as well as scores and suddenly, after a reduction in the number of teachers, the scores go up significantly. However, It was recently noted that there have been school districts manipulating scores for various reasons so I am a pessimist on this this.

Here is the thing that I do not understand about New York and the other state's that have a lottery system. A little background....................every state that has a lottery system got it on the premise that the majority of the proceeds would go to education. Every one them. Yet, all lottery states have school systems that are struggling financially. My question is....if the state is financing through taxes the education system, why isn't the supplemental money from the lotteries picking up the slack? In hard times, more people play the I've heard.

In the state of North Carolina in the late 90's into the early 00's, a camera system was put in place "for safety". To keep people from running red lights primarily. Running the red light would photograph your plate and send the offender a ticket. It came to be revealed that the vast majority of the proceeds went to the company operating the camera. However, there was a law in place that said a certain percentage of all proceeds were to go to the city/county. Needless to say, safety went out the window because the company that operated the cameras decided it's goal was profit, not safety. Rather than make less off the contract because the profit were to be inverted, the city/county getting the percentage the company had been receiving. Naturally the cameras were no longer operated and as far as I know there has never been another attempt to replace these "safety devices" As a matter of fact proceeds from alcohol sales go to the North Carolina education system...they have no money for teachers either. Is there a pattern here?

Could these state's be running a similar scam with the lottery in your state? Could this be one of the reasons your state is laying of teachers.....because or profit and greed? Duh, this is America. Everything is about money.I did not create the system, I just live within it.

Everyone should be aware of where the proceeds from lottery sales go, even if you do not play. Your representatives should give a full account of how much is made and where it is. We must hold the people charged with the oversight of our tax dollars to be more accountable and open with the finance books. There are thieves among us. Most of them, we voted for.

I live a full and reallyreallife.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day in the City of Chicago, Just Another Day

Hello everyone. 52 shot. 8 dead. 3 days. This was fathers day weekend in Chicago. This is so tragic. The victims are black as well as the perpetrators. My people, My people. I touched on this issue as it regards me personally in a previous post. No love, no peace in the black communities of Chicago. Today is Tuesday and I am just finding out about this. 52 shot in a 3 day period and it barely makes the nightly news. Land of the free? Home of the brave? Land of the armed! Home of the scared!

The sickening aspect of this situation is that these men are surely fathers. Each to more than 1 I am sure. The victims and perpetrators both. What are we doing? Where have we gone wrong.

If any of the so called "black leaders", Jesse, Al and them were any kinda of real leaders, they would have spent the past 3 decades or so leading, no developing catchy phrases to distract from their lack of substance. If black people had any "leadership" we would not find ourselves where we are in Chicago. Jesse is in Chicago, Obama, came from Chicago, Louis Farrakhan is from Chicago. Where is the leadership of these native born men of this city? Why are we still involved in this culture of death and destruction that has no end in sight with the current "leadership" we have now. As a matter of fact, I have yet to even hear a sound bite from any of them denouncing this behavior and condemning it in the strongest and clearest language possible. This is all they should be talking about, period.

There is nothing that I see as more important of the African American/Black agenda than a cessation of this violence in our communities and we need black men to step up and lead the fight. I realize pimping from the pulpit is popular in our communities but the time has come to rid ourselves of the pimps and the pushers and the thugs. Even the ho gotta go!

We have glorified thuggish behavior and whoreish behavior for too long now. It is time to let it go.

Look at all the money made from rap................let me back up a minute. Rap was about fun, jokes, violence, no niggas, no ho's, no bitches, no fights, no guns, no death. Well less death. Hip hop came and brought these things to our communities and we act like they did us a favor by "keeping it real". Like Chris Rock said........"real dumb." Instead of placing our focus on our reading and our children's reading, we are teaching them to be cool and wear the latest thing with somebodies name on it. Our priorities need adjusting and we have to do it ourselves. We cannot and should not have been waiting for anyone to do it for us.

Here is a good example..............why beg ABC, CBS, Fox, etc to put on quality black programming that reflects positively on us when we do not even do it on our own BET network. We have some nerve. Now I guess Tyler Perry has to save black entertainment with his studio in Atlanta. another black "savior".

Speaking of a savior, why are we still looking for some one person to lead us? Why can't we regulate ourselves without a leader/spokesperson? I realize we are the only ones to not come to this country voluntarily, I realize we are the only ones who were not allowed to keep our language, our culture, our heritage, our dignity or most importantly, our freedom. Everyone else came to this country with their culture, language, heritage and everything intact. We were completely broken off to the point where it is not uncommon for an African American says he hates Africans. We have lost our minds.

We need to stop blaming others for our problems by recognizing what they are and taking the appropriate steps to alleviate them. If white people shot 52 black folk in 3 days there would be riots in the streets. Why are we silent now.

This is my reallyreallife............full of controversy. The truth hurts but it will set you free!


I am on the verge of inviting my family to the blog. This could cause a lot of time to be spent responding to the blab/blog responses. It will be fun of course but will I be able to put in the required time. This thing may become time consuming and I don't mind I will just have to better manage my time to respond and still write quality posts. I need an assistant already!

What do I do? I want them to read my stuff but adding them will be a task for me. I guess over the next several days as word gets out it is gonna be fun here at myreallyreallife.

It is time to open the door and let the people in. I just made that up............I think.

The American Work Force

Hello everyone, welcome again to my really real life. The American work force is in very bad shape. They are overworked, highly stressed and woefully under appreciated. There used to be a time when the attendant said, "thanks for coming, have a great day." Now it is on a sign as you leave. Too busy to say thanks for spending your hard earned money with us. Used to be a time when the employees were eager to assist in any way they could. Now they talk on the phone while you feel it impolite to interrupt them. I interrupt.

What happened? Could it be all those layoffs that resulted in some many employees doing the work of two or three people? Could it be that ancient law that most states employ, the one that says you can be fired for any reason.............. including no reason at all? That sounds to me like a law with a purpose. What is the purpose you ask? To keep order. To prevent organizing. To prevent workers for advocating for their rights. To insure that any "troublemakers" could be swiftly removed while affording no sufficient recourse. And, as if all that was not enough, it's number 1 purpose is to intimidate or threaten. If I hear another person tell me "I don't want to lose my job", if they think for themselves I will................................I don't know, something. It won't be pretty!

Here is a an example of people refusing to think for themselves. I go into the gas station to pay for gas because I was getting a cigar, I give the lady my credit card and she asks for ID. I did not have my wallet. Just my keys and the credit card. All I need. Remember what I said,.....all I need. I tell the girl I do not have my wallet and she says I cannot make the purchase. I begin to tell her she is in error and she quickly interrupts to advise me this is what her manager said. I told her, just because your manager said something does not mean he knows what he is talking about or makes anything he says legal.

Here are the facts: She tried to tell me it was the law..well if that were the case every merchant would do it. It does not say on the card issued that I must present ID. It says it is not valid unless signed, nothing else. If there were to be a problem, that would then be between the card issuer and the store. And of course my favorite one which was that I can go outside, slide this card in the gas machine and fill my tank up, no ID required. Parents give their children credit cards all the time to shop with and trust me I have not seen anyone get tasked for ID. That it is a selective process is my ultimate point. I am known for occasionally coming out for quick stops with no wallet, however, I know my driver license number, my library card number, all my credit card numbers and expiration dates. If I get pulled over for speeding for example, all I have to do is give the officer my license number and he can pull me up and I can verify everything in his records. Actually,I am slipping on the credit numbers due to lack of use.

After asking for the manager, who, not surprisingly, was not there, I went to the station across the street and did the exact transaction I went into the previous station to do with no problems. I love America!

I do not even think the girl was understanding what I said in regard to using the card at the pump. I guess she said that new work saying..........."whatever."

How does the American worker come to work? tired, drunk, hungover, high, lazy, with personal problems, with emotional problems, with attitude-especially in the service industries, fed up, lackadaisical, lackluster, nervous, fearful, uncaring, complaining, wishing it were Friday. No wonder the service we get lacks any resemblance to service. Just give me your money, here is your change, whatever.

You know what I hate though? When you are in a business and the employee should know you need help but unless there is a commission involved, they act like they do not see you. They might have to do something and what worker wants to do something? Most want to do nothing. They want a no show job. Get paid, don't even show up. Or show up and do as little as possible. Or just enough to stay on the payroll. I hate lazy!

I can't blame them though. Doing the work of more than one with no significant pay raise or bonus in years. A pay raise is supposed to change your standard of living. Pennies an hour pay increases change nothing but the attitude of the worker. It causes them to say, "whatever" and truthfully, I cannot be mad at them.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello everyone, welcome again to my reallyreallife. I am so glad that you take time to read this blog/blab. I blog, I blab, I complain, I appreciate, I recognize, I stand up for, I stand against, I speak my mind, I say what I think, I say what I mean, I mean what I say, I am who I am, I know what I know, I love what I love, I hate what I hate, I give what I give, I'm glad that I give.

I wont be brought, blackmailed or bribed. I will stand up, I will do what is right, all the time, anyplace, for all to see. If I find myself to be incorrect at least I took a stand. At least I stand up for something, at least I'm not content, at least I don't think I'm the best, at least I know truth, at least I know me, at least I know friends, at least I know love, at least I've cried, because I loved. I could go on but I will stop and say what I came to say...............

I started this blog as part of an assignment from my writing professor Barbara Campbell-Hall. Mrs. Campbell-Hall made the first comment to my blog. Unfortunately, I have been remiss in reading and responding to comments in response to my writing. I apologize to everyone and will continue to do better. Subsequently I just read today the first comment to my blog.

I set out with a goal to write from a different perspective and be interesting so that people would find interest in what I am writing. In fact I said something to the effect of trying to be a wanna be writer. Fortunately, today I read my the first response to my initial posting at reallyreallife.

It was from professor Campbell_hall who said I was not a wanna be writer, I am a writer.

I was astonished. What I set as my goal was accomplished and confirmed by my writing professor. I am blessed to have received her kind words and support.

Therefore, I want to say to everyone who reads this blog or tells someone about this blog, thank you. I will not be satisfied to be a writer. I want to set a new goal today. To become a better writer. A better writer for my own growth and a better writer so that you, the ones who take the time to read this, will always get the best I can, every time.

Oh, oh, oh....................................another goal I set was to get ten "followers." My wife should have been my first follower but she lives me so, why bother. Well today she surprised me in a conversation about Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat. She was talking about his five....I was not getting it............public school. Then I understood that she was saying that although she was not my first, she would be my tenth...which is better than Dwayne's 5. I love her forever and ever, and ever. Thank you baby..............your are, was and always will be number 1! (why am I so arrogant?) I'm not, I'm kind, I'm supportive,........... and all the different people I am that make up me............Morris.

Gotta end with one of my favorite things, an important part of my reallyrealife,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello everyone welcome to another edition of my reallyreallife. I am going to blog/blab today about something I wrote in response to a response. Someone responded to what I wrote, I responded to them and now I am going to further address the topic in my response. Are you with me? Let's go..............

I concurred with a statement that Obama was not qualified to be President of the United States. I want to expand on my original comment.

The first thing I will say about Barack Obama being President is this: I can trace the family tree of every man who has become President of this great land. Nixon, Bush, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton, etc to their families arrival to this land. Where did Obama come from? What do we know about him? Who are his brothers, who are his sisters, etc. We know nothing about this man. We cannot trace him back 4 or 5 generations. That is un American.

In fact, some of his immediate family, his brother for instance, is living in a third world country. That does not speak to allegiance to this country. If your immediate family is living in a third world country, you are not much of an American cause your family should have been here for generations. If you cannot trace your ancestry for a couple generations at least you are not an American.

Alexander Hamilton, a great contributor to our republic, the man responsible for the clause in the constitution that says a President must be a U.S. citizen, would not have been able and would not be able to be President. We can trace the family history of Alexander Hamilton to it's beginning. Where did Barack Obama come from?

This man, as President, has said the United States is no longer a Christian nation and refused to wear a flag lapel during his campaign. Why? He has no allegiance to this country. He is a usurper. I miss George Bush. At least you knew where he was coming from. At least they were staunch allies of Israel. Obama refuses to do what every administration has done since Israel was established by proclamation in May of 1948 and that is to bee respectful and supportive. I also do not like him breaking tradition. We all know the only reason the state of Israel has not been driven into the sea is because of the United States. This is why we are labeled in some quarters as Satan and little Satan, because we have supported these people in their defense of their right to exist.

Make no mistake. The hostilities in the Middle east are about the destruction of Israel and nothing else will bring peace to this region.

But............back to the President. I also do not like him going around the world apologizing and bowing before other heads of state. This is not presidential. I find it disrespectful to me as a soldier that my leader, my commander in chief is bowing and scraping. I find it offensive, personally. I also find it unprecedented in the conduct of commanders in chiefs.

Because of this administration we have the government in the car business, the mortgage business, the health you see where this is going? Total control...and with that smooth way of talking he will deceive many. White people will not turn on him until he completely destroys them financially. By the way, he and his cronies want control of that too. They will get it while America watches American Idol and the like. We will be overcome and it will be to late.

When the pension and retirement funds of white people are completely destroyed... worthless will the white people who voted out of some guilt of our fathers nonsense, that's right. Winning the Iowa caucus set the Obama train on it's course and led the way to his presidency.

Do I dislike the president? The question should be do I love America. And how much do I love it.

This is my reallyreallife

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello everyone, welcome again to my reallyreallife. You guys know I started this blog as part of a college writing requirement and the professor told us to write. Write anything she said, whatever is on your mind or any emotions you have or had...just write she said. Well, I have found myself to be writing my reallyreallife more than required. It is fun I like the platform and I enjoy it. Maybe I can get a book or movie deal like the woman who did the book Julie/Julia, the book from which the wonderful movie starring Meyrl Streep was created.

Let me share with everyone what I have experienced over the past several days. To make a long story short.....................I sent a response to an individual as part of an assignment. I was expecting the individual to show me by example and leadership how to contain an unpleasant situation. The expected outcome did not occur. The individual for some reason shared my project with someone else. The individual never contacted me to get clarification about my contact and in fact never found it necessary to respond to the complaint itself.

I am the type of man that if there is any problem I will express that and if there is any ambiguity about the information I need, I will ask the appropriate follow up questions. This is common sense that everyone I know practices.

The person then contacts me and gets off to a professional start. When I submitted my project I I introduced myself and the purpose of my contact. The person who contacted me did not start out along the lines of: Hello, I am and I am contacting you because. She started out I have been informed and based on that I am taking action against you. In fact she said, "I have investigated the complaint against you". She has subsequently recanted that statement. She know acknowledges only having read a document and in fact did not even speak to the individual whom it was originally addressed. Interesting, very interesting.

So for that past few days the person and I have been going back and forth about what was initially her interpretation of the letter that was not addressed to her and therefore taken out of context. Especially in light of the fact she never even spoke to the person who had received it. So it seems whenever she has contacted me and I responded, she has gotten angrier and angrier.

No leadership from the individual, who is by the way supposed to be teaching me and now the person going on and on about my reasonable and rightful expression of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable from my point of view. In fact, the person felt a need to remind me where I am. My response? "I know where I am". Oh I forgot to tell you,... apparently the person did not come with the attitude that I was intelligent in the first place so so I guess the possibility existed that I needed reminding.

I am so the individual and the person are upset. They are upset because the keep "interpreting" what I am saying. Neither has yet to address my initial concerns which is what got this ball rolling in the first place. We just get deeper and deeper into hostility and threats from the person while she accuses me of threatening and intimidation. I do not like to be accussed. You want to piss me off, falsely accuse me! Nothing short of an apology can heal that wound, that is how I feel personally.

Here is what is going on people. Let me give you insight into my reallyreallife. The person contacted me and thought I would submit myself to her. When this did not happen she got offended and felt a need to regain control. When that did not work she started to tell the classic lie that she is afraid of me and feels threatened and all this code word racist back in the good old days when black people knew their place and when to shut up and back down evil ass highly educated don't know nothing trying to analyze me like you know me inept ass moron. There is something that requires no interpretation. That is how I like to speak. Her is how the person is seeing the situation: I am the so and so at so and so and I do not see you as an individual see you as I see all the others who ain't even here black men who is supposed to know to submit to me when I am finished talking or I will have your ass on the work force as punishment for not knowing your place smart ass how dare you question me or challenge me student.

I am a man first, a husband and then a father, then a student. In my dealings with the person, she feels I am student first. There is the disconnect. She thinks we must be back on the plantation these are the good ole days when she speaks to me. I can even imagine her face getting red after I respond to the stupid e mails she sends. Apparently she does not understand the best way to prevent hearing what I have to say is to stop sending the e mails.

The person has blown this thing way out of proportion and I have lost all respect for the individual who's actions initiated this whole mess. Oh, there are not a lot of black men who are my peers. So naturally when I show up being the arrogant individual that I am. {what some call arrogance, others call confidence"...same number of syllables. So naturally they do not know what do do. Except to be afraid, threatened, intimidated, uneasy, uncomfortable. I told the person, "that is not my problem" . The person had no regard for me so I have no regard for her. But I bet she will tell of all the black friends they have. Phony as a eight dollar bill ass heifer.

Anyway, this culminated in the person, in all her professionalism threatening to fire me like I work for them. The fact of the matter is I pay their employers to provide a service. They are accountable to me. The person thinks we will conduct business on their terms, as though I just arrived here from Cuba or something. Just glad to be here, Yes I can work 18 hours a day. Let us say for instance I am accountable to them, I have already shown by my actions I would be a great alumni member. The person and the individual need to get past my rightful and lawful expression and focus on my actions. I have been accountable and the records clearly reflect this.

This is in line with the Martin Luther King, Jr mantra about content and not color.......................or interpretation or position or title or anything else. See me for who I am and give me my proper respect at all times and don't be surprised when I don't turn tail and run from your attempts to intimidate or threaten after you have been disrespectful. That';s what the person did, coward out and not be able to face me for the reasons I stated above. But the most galling thing is that the person has already shown in ther interactions with me to be untruthful at best, I liar at worst and incapable of doing what they say they will do. I do give no great amount of respect to people with these traits. Liars do not deserve respect, especially when the lie is to designed to cause me hurt or harm. Especially when the lie is told intentianlly to harm or hurt me. You see, I was just supposed to take the persons word...I do not operate like that, now, the person is attempting to make a mountain out of a molehill instead of withdrawing from her position. I think there is deeper issue at hand here.


This has been another episode of my reallyreallife. I hope you enjoyed the ride and perhaps see things from another perspective.

As always, I close with my sincerest desire for all, it is a word we all cherish


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Hello everyone, welcome again to my reallyreallife. While in class yesterday, my wife was in the bedroom on the laptop. After class I went to see her but she was in the bathroom. I grabbed the laptop and she had a list titled anniversary options. Oh no, Jun 12th is our wedding anniversary. My reallyreallife was almost reallyrealbad.

Gotta go. Gotta get on the case and celebrate 5 years to the baddest woman in the whole land. When we met she was just a 21 year old beauty and now she is a 30 year old beauty. I am blessed beyond all I could have ever thought. Next year will be the 10th year together. I look forward to the remaining years.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello everyone, welcome again to my reallyreallife. There is so much going on in the world but today, we will take a lighter look at the world that goes on around us.

I am a black man. Frequently I encounter people, usually white, who will take what I say and translate it into something I did not say. They usually end up with the feeling that I have an "attitude" or some other malady. My question is this, is there a secret school that you can go to and learn how to tell what a persons attitude is even if the person tells you that you are not correct? Sometimes a black man standing up for himself means he has an attitude or a problem. Oftentimes, it seems as though free speech is not for everyone unless it is in the manner that the listener deems appropriate, not the speaker. You might be thinking that I have a problem with race or ethnicity...that is not the case.

In fact some of my friends think I am too hard on white people. This is certainly not true because when I want to hear the Word of God Preached, it is usually white men I am listening to. I am a born again christian, not just a christian. What is the difference you ask? A Christan will lie, steal, cheat, kill, etc...A born again christian will not. We are not perfect, just better. Here is just one example...born again Christians do not condone abortions, Christians do.
Here I am again, full of controversy!

More controversy? okay then...I would never go to an all black church. I will go to a church that includes white, black, Spanish and everybody else. Who is at your church? The same faces as yours? Heaven is diverse so I want to interact with my brothers and sisters as we will interact in heaven. More controversy...Barack Obama will destroy this country. (to explain this from A to Z will require a lot of space. More controversy...North Carolina is the worst State in the union. Too many old school racists. I guess we gotta wait till the white hip hoppers can make some calls in order for change to come to this backwater state. Sometimes it feels like the 60's without the lynching. I love America, but as an old soldier who has travelled this country from one coast to the other, this place is the worst.

More controversy...when are black people going to stand against the violence that our young people are inflicting in our communities and on each other? If white people killed blacks at the rate we do, there would be calls for congressional investigations and riots in the streets. We have to put the black family back together. That means a mother and a father. Not a woman trying to do the job. I have seen the girls out of control girls raised by single mothers. Any wonder why the boys are so out of control? Some women can raise a boy, most cannot. Some women know how to put a foot in a young boys butt, that is why they can do it successfully.

Why am I the only man in most of my college classes. Are they dead, in jail, lazy, stupid, drug addicted? What is up with that?

I hope that there are none offended by my writing, but this is my reallyreallife. Peace!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hello everyone. Hello, hello, hello. I am so excited right now. Excited about basketball. The NBA Final are here and the Los Angeles Lakers are up 1 game to none with game 2 tonight in Los Angeles, California. Questions were raised after game 1 as to whether the Boston Celtics are "too old." I don't know whether they are to old, although I suspect they are. Pierce, Allen and Garnett are all at the latter stages of their careers. Rajon Rondo is the future of the Celtics, make no mistake. They will build around him, not Garnett or Pierce or Allen.

Although I initially wanted to see at least 1 new team in the finals, I am not surprised at all by the performance of Kobe Bryant. With all the talk in the NBA and among fans about Lebron James being the heir apparent to Michael Jordan, I think the conversation should focus on Lebron being the heir apparent to Kobe Bryant. If I was to start an NBA roster it would begin with Kobe Bryant, the next best thing to Michael Jordan. Kobe does all the things Michael did. He scores, he makes the difficult shot, the last minute shot, the incredible shot and the impossible shot. He plays relentless defense. You will not score 20 on Kobe.

He is consistent, just like Michael Jordan also. No other player in the league has shown his level of consistency. As a matter of fact, he has scored 30 or more points in 12 of his last 13 games in these playoffs. This is what Jordan did when it counted. He willed his team to play better and to win. Who will deny that this is what Kobe brings to the table, this is what he does. Michael Jordan is the only other player to be unanimously be identified with these traits.

For all the NBA greats, Michael Jordan stands alone. Perhaps Kobe is ready to stand next to the real King as the rightful heir. Lebron may have to play catch up. He has in his favor though a great commodity like Kobe had. Youth. The question I think is will Lebron mature as fast as Kobe. After all, Kobe did not have the expectations that Lebron had. Kobe was expected to be great but, who knew how great.

For me the real question as I enjoy this final round of basketball is how close we came to Michael and Kobe really going at it for the championship. Just as we are unlikely to see Kobe and Lebron really go at it in any meaningful basketball game. This is my reallyreallife.

Lakers in 5

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello everyone. Welcome to the newest installment of a really real life. I think today I will write about the horrible events unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. We all know the situation there is devastating locally but also nationally. I love seafood. Seafood and summer are like Ben and Jerry, Abbot and Costello, Fried and Chicken, Water and Melon.

Now, BP has ruined my summer. This is as important to American history as the 9/11 attacks. The attacks affected over 3,000 people immediately, the Gulf situation affects tens of thousands immediately. There are tens of thousands of people unable to make a living, provide for their families and cannot pay their mortgages. True, the attacks affected the nation immediately. Sadly, the Gulf spill has affected the nation immediately also and like the attacks generated sweeping legislative changes, so will the Gulf spill generate those same sweeping changes.

According to Rachel Maddow of MSNBC News, the potential for BP to be fined under the Clean Water Act of 1972 over 10 billion dollars, just from what we know to have been spilled. We cannot believe anything that the BP representatives say because it is not in their best interests to tell the truth. Dang, all those wasted ethics classes that the BP executives took. The potential for a 10 billion dollar fine, plus the cost of cleanup, plus reimbursement to the people in the region whose livelihood were affected will run into the hundreds of billions.

I just hope the people we sent to represent us in Washington, DC do not let this company off the hook and after the usual donations, they sell us out leaving us to bail out this corporate giant by paying cleanup costs. This should establish a new standard, sink or swim on your own. If your company is in the business of making profit then recklessness can ruin financially ruin your company.

I am all for off shore drilling personally. I just want the appropriate standards of safety and responsibility to be in place before we allow anyone to drill. Ensure an appropriate plan of action is in place to deal with a sudden emergency. Thankfully the people at Three Mile Island had an effective plan. We require this of the nuclear industry why does the oil industry get such a break? A plan A must be established as well as a plan B and hell, half a plan C should be in place. Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of the oil lobbyists running to Washington to make their "contributions". My reallyreallife will surely be affected by BP. As a matter of fact, why have we not yet boycotted BP and all of the products they produce as an incentive to step up and do what needs to be done without further delay. We cannot let this leak to continue until August. That is insane.