Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello everyone welcome to another edition of my reallyreallife. I am going to blog/blab today about something I wrote in response to a response. Someone responded to what I wrote, I responded to them and now I am going to further address the topic in my response. Are you with me? Let's go..............

I concurred with a statement that Obama was not qualified to be President of the United States. I want to expand on my original comment.

The first thing I will say about Barack Obama being President is this: I can trace the family tree of every man who has become President of this great land. Nixon, Bush, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton, etc to their families arrival to this land. Where did Obama come from? What do we know about him? Who are his brothers, who are his sisters, etc. We know nothing about this man. We cannot trace him back 4 or 5 generations. That is un American.

In fact, some of his immediate family, his brother for instance, is living in a third world country. That does not speak to allegiance to this country. If your immediate family is living in a third world country, you are not much of an American cause your family should have been here for generations. If you cannot trace your ancestry for a couple generations at least you are not an American.

Alexander Hamilton, a great contributor to our republic, the man responsible for the clause in the constitution that says a President must be a U.S. citizen, would not have been able and would not be able to be President. We can trace the family history of Alexander Hamilton to it's beginning. Where did Barack Obama come from?

This man, as President, has said the United States is no longer a Christian nation and refused to wear a flag lapel during his campaign. Why? He has no allegiance to this country. He is a usurper. I miss George Bush. At least you knew where he was coming from. At least they were staunch allies of Israel. Obama refuses to do what every administration has done since Israel was established by proclamation in May of 1948 and that is to bee respectful and supportive. I also do not like him breaking tradition. We all know the only reason the state of Israel has not been driven into the sea is because of the United States. This is why we are labeled in some quarters as Satan and little Satan, because we have supported these people in their defense of their right to exist.

Make no mistake. The hostilities in the Middle east are about the destruction of Israel and nothing else will bring peace to this region.

But............back to the President. I also do not like him going around the world apologizing and bowing before other heads of state. This is not presidential. I find it disrespectful to me as a soldier that my leader, my commander in chief is bowing and scraping. I find it offensive, personally. I also find it unprecedented in the conduct of commanders in chiefs.

Because of this administration we have the government in the car business, the mortgage business, the health you see where this is going? Total control...and with that smooth way of talking he will deceive many. White people will not turn on him until he completely destroys them financially. By the way, he and his cronies want control of that too. They will get it while America watches American Idol and the like. We will be overcome and it will be to late.

When the pension and retirement funds of white people are completely destroyed... worthless will the white people who voted out of some guilt of our fathers nonsense, that's right. Winning the Iowa caucus set the Obama train on it's course and led the way to his presidency.

Do I dislike the president? The question should be do I love America. And how much do I love it.

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  1. Morris I TOTALLY agree with you. They can't even find his birth certificate. He is born and bred a terrorist in my book. Christains can't pray in public but the muslims can have a day for whatever they do on the court house lawn. EXCUSE me but that is sooo WRONG. Why do you think this health care thing came about to help and cover the illegals who live here. What percent of people are on welfare 43% how many people support Obama bin ladin 43%. What a surprise that is huh? Morris I am on your side if he cant put his hand on his heart when the anthem is sung there is a RED light to me. Oh and this insurance stuff the government has total control over everyone now and what they do. Did you know that in school they are changing how far back in history they are allowing the students to be taught. Guess what not as far as the constitution goes. The students aren't even going to learn anything about that. I could on for ever and ever and blah blah blab. grrrrrr

  2. Absolutely right Charlene. And now, speaking of public favorite subjects for jokes.........they are now teaching chinese as part of the curriculum. When the Chinese come for their money that we owe them, we will become there servants so we might as well learn the dang lanuage.