Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The American Work Force

Hello everyone, welcome again to my really real life. The American work force is in very bad shape. They are overworked, highly stressed and woefully under appreciated. There used to be a time when the attendant said, "thanks for coming, have a great day." Now it is on a sign as you leave. Too busy to say thanks for spending your hard earned money with us. Used to be a time when the employees were eager to assist in any way they could. Now they talk on the phone while you feel it impolite to interrupt them. I interrupt.

What happened? Could it be all those layoffs that resulted in some many employees doing the work of two or three people? Could it be that ancient law that most states employ, the one that says you can be fired for any reason.............. including no reason at all? That sounds to me like a law with a purpose. What is the purpose you ask? To keep order. To prevent organizing. To prevent workers for advocating for their rights. To insure that any "troublemakers" could be swiftly removed while affording no sufficient recourse. And, as if all that was not enough, it's number 1 purpose is to intimidate or threaten. If I hear another person tell me "I don't want to lose my job", if they think for themselves I will................................I don't know, something. It won't be pretty!

Here is a an example of people refusing to think for themselves. I go into the gas station to pay for gas because I was getting a cigar, I give the lady my credit card and she asks for ID. I did not have my wallet. Just my keys and the credit card. All I need. Remember what I said,.....all I need. I tell the girl I do not have my wallet and she says I cannot make the purchase. I begin to tell her she is in error and she quickly interrupts to advise me this is what her manager said. I told her, just because your manager said something does not mean he knows what he is talking about or makes anything he says legal.

Here are the facts: She tried to tell me it was the law..well if that were the case every merchant would do it. It does not say on the card issued that I must present ID. It says it is not valid unless signed, nothing else. If there were to be a problem, that would then be between the card issuer and the store. And of course my favorite one which was that I can go outside, slide this card in the gas machine and fill my tank up, no ID required. Parents give their children credit cards all the time to shop with and trust me I have not seen anyone get tasked for ID. That it is a selective process is my ultimate point. I am known for occasionally coming out for quick stops with no wallet, however, I know my driver license number, my library card number, all my credit card numbers and expiration dates. If I get pulled over for speeding for example, all I have to do is give the officer my license number and he can pull me up and I can verify everything in his records. Actually,I am slipping on the credit numbers due to lack of use.

After asking for the manager, who, not surprisingly, was not there, I went to the station across the street and did the exact transaction I went into the previous station to do with no problems. I love America!

I do not even think the girl was understanding what I said in regard to using the card at the pump. I guess she said that new work saying..........."whatever."

How does the American worker come to work? tired, drunk, hungover, high, lazy, with personal problems, with emotional problems, with attitude-especially in the service industries, fed up, lackadaisical, lackluster, nervous, fearful, uncaring, complaining, wishing it were Friday. No wonder the service we get lacks any resemblance to service. Just give me your money, here is your change, whatever.

You know what I hate though? When you are in a business and the employee should know you need help but unless there is a commission involved, they act like they do not see you. They might have to do something and what worker wants to do something? Most want to do nothing. They want a no show job. Get paid, don't even show up. Or show up and do as little as possible. Or just enough to stay on the payroll. I hate lazy!

I can't blame them though. Doing the work of more than one with no significant pay raise or bonus in years. A pay raise is supposed to change your standard of living. Pennies an hour pay increases change nothing but the attitude of the worker. It causes them to say, "whatever" and truthfully, I cannot be mad at them.

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