Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Course of Studies

Hello everyone, welcome to my reallyreallife. I have decided......I am going to Law school with my son..................... so we can tag team the racists. It will not be a tag and release program.

Watch me now!

I am coming for those who decided to challenge me! They have made a horrible decision...........for them. A good decision for me on 2 counts.


Friday, July 16, 2010

It Is On !

Hello everyone, welcome to my reallyreallife. So much too talk about but first........

It is on like popcorn. The bastards at kaplan have made a terrible mistake and the battle has begun. Because I attended the so called university they wanted to suspend my protected do not do that to a soldier and think all will be well. Ginger the horse, Charles the dick and John the bitch will remember my name forever. If you recall, I wrote about the terrible service at kaplan in my 1st or 2nd blog post. They suck, so now they can suck! They thought I would go away but like the Hebrews leaving Egypt, I will be leaving kaplan loaded with enough gold to build my own idol. But, I will build no idols with my gold. I want kaplan and all who side with it. A friend of kaplan is now my enemy.

The well was what....I am interested in the proper clean up of the gulf and it's fisheries.

My wife said I have to change my upcoming topic of Why I am so misunderstood to...."why no one like me" Well I can tell you why people do not like me: So many reasons. It will not be because I am a liar or a thief or a cheat or a sneak or because I will stand up anytime, anyplace in front of anyone for what is right, I am fearless, I am courageious, I am dependable, I am trustworthy....lawyers on phone gotta go



Monday, July 12, 2010

Now that I have indeed "vented".......

Hello everyone, once again hello, hello and hello. Now that I have the kaplan issue behind me I am moving on to a new topic. But before I do, I want to say I am disappointed that none of the classmates in my writing class, other than one person, had anything to contribute to the topic. Somehow, I thought they would have found the situation questionable not only as it related to my situation but to their overall situation as students at this company. They are not a school, they are a company. But, whatever.

I have always loved music, always! When I grew up the music had meaning and purpose. Well, my favorite band of all time, old school band that is, was Earth, Wind & Fire. They always sang of hope and tomorrow, peace and love, it was a consistent message that I was fortunate to have as they filled in some gaps in my life at the time. There was not a lot of hope and tomorrow, nor peace and love. Earth, Wind & Fire brought these important ingredients to my life.

"All About Love" is a song that exhorts one to make some beauty if there was none where one was. I still live this today. Wherever I go I know there is unhappiness and misery as well as disappointment and race and all the other things that occur in life to cause us to perhaps become "bad" people or lonely people. Fortunately for me I had a source of hope in this band. Do you have a source that is unlimited in it's ability to sustain you through the ups and downs, the peaks and valley's of life? I do. It is not of me. It is The One that indwells me.

So, I am happy, not bitter, still me, still confident, feelings ain't hurt,and going further than ever. Pastor Hagee always says you do not know there is a better job available until you lose the one you have. Same thing applies to schools and universities. See there, Good News already. I can accomplish at another university what the kaplan company had no respect for.


Friday, July 9, 2010 The socialist movement at kaplan university

Hello again we go again on the subject of my dismissal from kaplan (they ain't even worth the capital letters anymore), Here is a link that is reflective of what I had to say in my discussion post. Kaplan is upset because I said at the university what people are saying at a site devoted to kaplan complaints. Again, can you say 1 800 SUE KAPLAN? One woman says she is 20,000 dollars in debt with no degree because half her shit was invalid. She had a degree that she paid for that was worthless! If you attend kaplan university go to this website and see what past and present students have to say about the university you pay money to attend. kaplan university is a fraud, a sham, a disgrace to education and the educational process, they are untrustworthy, they are liars, they are cheats , they are thieves and they are sneaks. I have been dismissed By a moron in some capacity at this university because I dared to speak about what is written on this website in public, at kaplan. Ginger Cameron is the woman who has her patties all in a bunch because I told her not to contact me in the manner that she did. I never said "fuck her" or anything in any kaplan communications I had. I did not threaten anyone, I did not curse anyone, I was respectful to everyone as long as they were also respectful. However, if you cross me, I might have to talk about you. Ask the people who know me and have spoken to me. They will tell you what kaplan says is an out and out lie as it concerns me and the Morris they know. The only person who can speak ill of me Is John E. Long, the so called professor. Punk ass! Running to the women...on 2 separate occasions. apparently not man enough to handle me verbally. ............. Punk ass.

And this moron Charles Hooker, he ain't no leader. He is contemptible! I would not follow him to anything that required more than .28 intelligence. How you gonna "dismiss" me, the customer who spends money and goes into debt so that you can exist. Now I am going to be "profane" and "disrespectful" and "unprofessional" and "vent" my "frustration" and be "scholarly" (Which means to have "profound insight on a particular subject".....maybe Charlie should retire? He sounds like a dopey ****"", that is inappropriate. That, is "conduct unbecoming" ! That, is disrespectful because I owe you nothing Charles Hooker. I pay your employers to provide a service, not for you or any other kaplan employee to tell me what you "feel" is appropriate. This, is the kind of man and person I am. I do not hide behind templates and vague reference. I speak specifics?. Where, Charles Hooker, are you specifics? Where, Ginger Cameron iare your specifics? You both accuse but neither shows evidence to anyone. You just say and it is so? Not in my reallyrealife ! They just "say" what they "think" is the truth and it is so? What country are these assholes living in? Forget that what year are they living in? This is why I stayed out of universities for so long...fear of becoming a robot. Just going along with everything, now, I don't know how to handle my kids cause they did not "teach" it at the university. I bet the animals they own and the children they have do not listen to them. Yet, they want me to submit to them.. I say "**** you". THese two could work for BP..that is how fucked up they are and they would have a smile on their faces as they lie and say there is no significant damage. This is what a dean at kaplan did. The bitch out and out lied and then recanted and tried to explain her lie. Yet, she want an extraordinary amount of respect. Not the respect I give respectful people, extraordinary respect.

I will work with the due diligence you refused to show me and see that your sorry ass organization is shut the fuck down. More disrespect for your ass ! You wanna be the Jim and Tammy Faye of universities....well , "yippee Ki yeah mother*********", it's on your momma............... ON, her knees.

KAPLAN STUDENTS..,.. just became aware of the site i have linked you to. if i had known of this information prior to enrolling i would never, never, never associated myself with...........



Do not let them use you. Stand up. Speak up. Ask. Question. Demand answers. Demand a thorough account. Keep asking questions......don't settle for "waht they said". Demand Better. Demand the Best. This is your money! If these bastards are crooked, lets stop their asses in their tracks. UNITED AGAINST kaplan CAUSE THEY SUCK AND THEY ARE DECEITFUL, LYING ASS CRROKS.

This is my experience, what's yours?

Kenichi Wa kaplan bitches !


And to the reallyreal............. Peace.


Hello again everyone. Here is the follow up to my most recent post of the last hour or so. It is official, I have been dismissed from Kaplan University. According to Charles Hooker,Academic Program director in an e mail dated today. He said "students are obligated to conduct themselves in a professional manner". Everyone at Kaplan keeps saying unprofessional and frustrated and all these other words to characterize me but they have yet to show specifics of unprofessionalism, they just keep talking about it.

He says that "students are to conduct themselves with honor and respect", that is a laugh because prior to this instance, I addressed in a prior post of how the dean had out and out lied to me that she conducted and "investigation". She subsequently admitted the only thing she had was an a copy of a post I made on the discussion board, that the professor had given her. Prior to this she swore she conducted an investigation. I asked her. "where did you get your training as an investigator because you have to speak with all parties involved to fully and completely conduct an investigation. This is the kind of speech that Kaplan University finds offense, obscene, inappropriate, unprofessional. It is again, not a conduct issue but one of speech. Speech that is not profane, just disagreeable to the tyrants and dictators at this university.

He says my behavior "caused a disruption", what behavior? Again, no specifics just a bunch of vague assertions that have no basis in fact. Can you say 1 800 SUE KAPLAN? How can my speech about my experience, that I stand behind as truth be disruptive. The inmates are running the asylum ! This was all about getting to submit to unauthorized authority and powers. I will speak the truth regardless of how any one feels about it. Beside, I do not know it is offensive until I say it. Falls under free speech and now Kaplan University has made more than 1 attempt to violate my right to speech. The only thing I did wrong was to name Kaplan University as the source of my displeasure and now the battle must commence.

Sadly there were some who responded to the discussion post and acknowledge the understood and went/thru/go thru that kind of treatment also. WIll they be disciplined? Will they be threatened with expulsion also? As a matter of fact I told the dean in my response to her communication that I would speak to those classmate to see whether they have had any problems as it relates to these circumstances...another reason to lock me out/expel me, to keep the other slaves in line. Again, they think I work for them.

Again, I want to hear from you guys while I prepare for the battle with the dictators at Kaplan. Can everyone understand now the initial frustration that I spoke to in the discussion post, behavior by a business was the topic of discussion for the class.

Stupididy or Insanity?...Extra, Extra...Read all About It

Hello everyone, welcome again to my reallyreallife. I named this blog reallyreallife because I live a really real life. Controversy, controversy, controversy, what a world we live in. For those who know me and the person I am know that I always stand up for what is right. Always. Anytime, anyplace in front of anybody, whatever needs to be done. Someone might say, "what is right?". Everyone is born knowing what is right and what is some degree but, the basics, do not kill, do not steal, etc, we are born knowing them. I hope all of you would agree with that statement.

So here I am at Kaplan University and doing very, very, well. I am proud of myself as I have exceeded my expectations. Well let me tell of an ongoing incident with the university. This is my personal business and I can share it in any forum I chose and I stand by the accuracy of all accounts.

My degree program is entitled Medical Office Management. I am currently taking that particular class at this moment. The class had an assignment that called for us to outline a time where we had bookkeeping, management style problems with that business, would we and why would we and would we continue to do business with that company. As always, I posted more than the required amount of discussion board posts. I do more than is required in all of my classes. The records speak for themselves.

I posted of a particular company whose employees have hung up on me, for no reason other than not knowing the answer to your questions. Or the fact that none of the information they give is orderly or proven to be accurate. I identified this business as Kaplan University. I told the story because it is true and pertained to the topic at hand. The professor sent a response on the discussion board, not to me personally, but publicly defending Kaplan as though I had spoken against him and all that he loves. He was offended.

The professor apparently gave the post I made to a Dean who contacted me. A standard template that did not apply to anything she contacted me about. What I took from the contact was a displeasure that I had identified Kaplan. I also took away a sense that she felt I was using the discussion board to "vent" my "frustration". This was not the case at all It was and is my story. I can tell it truthfully and accurately without the dean of a place of higher learning being so offended by it. She said it was "not a post to see among a group of scholars". There was a group of students there, I did not see any scholars. A scholar is "a person with profound knowledge of a subject". Again there were no scholars present.

So, what is she upset about? I was under the impression that I was among other adults who pay Kaplan University to provide a service or product. It is unfortunate she has now decided to block me from accessing Kaplan University. She says, "I have been warned of my conduct" previously. Is this a conduct issue or is this an "inappropriate post" issue. Hell, is it 2 issues? Conduct? telling my story of my dealings with the school that I do business with as a paying customer is now an issue of conduct? Apparently the dean sees me as an employee, not as a customer.

Yes there was a incident, with this same professor about another post we had when he was John and I was Morris. Then he wanted it to be professor student and I was not having it. He may have taken it personally. He is the only student professor I have had a problem with in my time at the university. I do well and excel but, the dean says I have a conduct issue...what to do, what to do.

I guess had I been more contrite and apologetic over my post she would have pleased,,,the problem with that premise is I am not on the earth to please her, nor her, me. So, I do not feel "bad" because there is nothing inapppropriate, disrespectful, untrue, malicious, having intent to do anything reason I said it, stand by what I said as the truth. Period Now Kaplan says this 2 time dean lister and 1 time invitee to the honor roll in 4 terms is unworthy of continuing to be a customer there? This is the kind of outline that my post was all about. There has been no regard for the customer as a contact to clarify or assist. The contact she sent me, the topic was "CONDUCT CONCERN" she must be really angry, don't you agree. Is that an appropriate way for anyone to contact someone for the first time? Is that professional. Her approach, her tone and the level of respect she brought is what is inappropriate about the situation. I am not a scholar or a dean, but I would not make initial contact with someone in such a manner. It has an air of superiority to it I think. It is also not diplomatic in any sense of the word. You cannot contact me in such a manner, when I am paying your employer for a service and disrespect me and threaten me because I told a personal and true story. I thought I was at a university but, it sounds like I am at 3rd grade in some public school. "Don't say that Morris, that's not nice, time out for you" What the hell is is going on here with these people. That is a rhetorical question, I got this.

Okay, I got it now...from the subject line the topic is as I said "CONDUCT CONCERN", so that means at Kaplan University if someone does not like what you have to say they can silence you with threats of expulsion, like I work for them? I do not know what version of America they practice at Kaplan University but is not the version I know or support. They should be ashamed of themselves for beginning this process, making a mountain out of a molehill. If the dean does not like what I have to say about any subject that is not my problem. She does not get authority over me and what I say. Especially when I am a paying customer! Somebody is crazy and it ain't me. I will not give Kaplan or allow Kaplan to exert that kind of authority in my life, regardless of title.

I am a Son, a diplomat, redeemed, payed for, cleansed, awaiting the redemption, favored, exalted, Princely, eternal and whole lot of other things, all of them similarly wonderful. I know who I am and titles do not move me. I have titles, through Christ Jesus. Proper respects gets a warm welcome, everytime. I am not nervous or anxious, I'll take on a title, I aint scared. Censorship at a university, where are we 1938 Germany? Poland, 1943. The USSR in 1963? Are the troops defending her right to decide if what I say is appropriate lacking, vulgarity, profanity, etc? I think they are there defending my right to speak, damn her ability to decide. What are they gonna say now saying what I say in this forum? I get kicked out of the blogsphere? She wants authority I cannot give and now she deems me disrespectful, the nerve. Bring it on sister.

For those who have not accepted Christ. There are titles and benefits and powers and authority and nothing but good, good, stuff. What? You gotta see to believe?.........okay then........... open your eyes ! That's the side I side with, that's just me. To each his own. But you miss out on a lot of benefits, I'm sorry

I want to know what you think about this issue. I love the opportunity to speak and share with all who find time to look in on my reallyreallife.

Oh yeah, this all comes at the end of the term where I currently have a 92 grade in my writing class and a 75 in my management class. The professor is such a dick, other than that I wouild have a 90 there also. But not to worry, the final for his class was easy and by the time I finished with it's simpleness, I wou;ld have been at an 80 or better anyway. Could this be motivation for these actions? I have yet to see more than 1 black man in any of these classes at Kaplan Univeristy and I have been there for 4 terms lasting 8 weeks each. They have never met anyone like me and they are confused.....................but they better get unconfused and be quick about it. I will not have this woman interfering in my success cause her probably likely racist ass don't like what the black man got to say and the black man aint showing the proper respect and, the black man better submit to me and, and, and.......................what is her problem? Anyone need a TYLENOL?

Now, after all that, I'm supposed to give her super respect........ absolutely not. Not under those terms. I am the customer and I will not be silenced. Her displeasure is not my problem because there is nothing offensive to be displeased about.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is Television your Friend?

Hello again everyone. This is my reallyreallife.

I am wondering about the television. When it initially became the medium that it has grown into today, television's purpose was to inform and educate. Nothing else, period. That was it's sole purpose. I liked television better in the old days, when it went off at a certain time. In those days people got 8 hours sleep and came to work refreshed and eager. Contrast those days with today's television watcher and it is no wonder it is hard to get good help.

Television does not really inform and educate anymore. It entertains. In America entertainment, successful entertainment, pays well. There is nothing more successful in the entertainment field like television, especially cable television. The medium is so successful that they can charge hundreds of millions of dollars to show a commercial lasting a few seconds. Even Oprah has a television network. The medium has a great deal of influence on a person whether one knows it or not.

Because it's purpose has changed from informer/educator, the question becomes, how should it be defined today? I have an answer to what it has become. It has become a friend. Yes, television is a friend to most people. The reason, I think these reality shows are so successful is because people are at home with their friend television and not out in real life with a real friend. Who really has real friends nowadays? Our friends are on facebook. They are not at our homes and we are not at their homes. We are at home with our new friend television. Better to watch others live and try to succeed than to do it ourselves.

Some will say Morris, why do you say this is true. There are approximately 300 million people in this country. If the top five shows in a particular time slot have a total of 40 to fifty million people watching at any given time, you can't be out and about with friends. Remember, we stay in touch with virtually, not in reality. I think we have this whole "reality" thing backwards. The reality show has now become our reality. These people have become our friends and we can't wait to see them next week. So, if 40 to 50 million are watching at any given time, let's assume the same number of people are at work. Well, were at work. Let's say now that the same number of people within the country are asleep and the soldiers are off to faraway places so we can continue to enjoy our "reality...just those numbers alone means a lot of unreal reality going on. Do you have real friends or "reality" friends?

I have real friends that I see and touch and hear and break bread with, I go visit them, they visit me. This is my definition of a friend. Any number of "friends", does not compare to "a friend"

I could go on...and on and on if I want to but, .....I was just wondering. This is after all my reallyreallife.