Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello everyone, welcome again to my reallyreallife. There is so much going on in the world but today, we will take a lighter look at the world that goes on around us.

I am a black man. Frequently I encounter people, usually white, who will take what I say and translate it into something I did not say. They usually end up with the feeling that I have an "attitude" or some other malady. My question is this, is there a secret school that you can go to and learn how to tell what a persons attitude is even if the person tells you that you are not correct? Sometimes a black man standing up for himself means he has an attitude or a problem. Oftentimes, it seems as though free speech is not for everyone unless it is in the manner that the listener deems appropriate, not the speaker. You might be thinking that I have a problem with race or ethnicity...that is not the case.

In fact some of my friends think I am too hard on white people. This is certainly not true because when I want to hear the Word of God Preached, it is usually white men I am listening to. I am a born again christian, not just a christian. What is the difference you ask? A Christan will lie, steal, cheat, kill, etc...A born again christian will not. We are not perfect, just better. Here is just one example...born again Christians do not condone abortions, Christians do.
Here I am again, full of controversy!

More controversy? okay then...I would never go to an all black church. I will go to a church that includes white, black, Spanish and everybody else. Who is at your church? The same faces as yours? Heaven is diverse so I want to interact with my brothers and sisters as we will interact in heaven. More controversy...Barack Obama will destroy this country. (to explain this from A to Z will require a lot of space. More controversy...North Carolina is the worst State in the union. Too many old school racists. I guess we gotta wait till the white hip hoppers can make some calls in order for change to come to this backwater state. Sometimes it feels like the 60's without the lynching. I love America, but as an old soldier who has travelled this country from one coast to the other, this place is the worst.

More controversy...when are black people going to stand against the violence that our young people are inflicting in our communities and on each other? If white people killed blacks at the rate we do, there would be calls for congressional investigations and riots in the streets. We have to put the black family back together. That means a mother and a father. Not a woman trying to do the job. I have seen the girls out of control girls raised by single mothers. Any wonder why the boys are so out of control? Some women can raise a boy, most cannot. Some women know how to put a foot in a young boys butt, that is why they can do it successfully.

Why am I the only man in most of my college classes. Are they dead, in jail, lazy, stupid, drug addicted? What is up with that?

I hope that there are none offended by my writing, but this is my reallyreallife. Peace!


  1. Morris I hate to say it but I feel the same way you do because I work in a mans world. I am the only woman who has have worked there. I work just as hard or harder then the men do. Customers come in and they think I don't know what I am talking about. Men will call and ask to talk to someone else and that someone else has to ask me for the anwser. There are a few male customers who come in and treat me like crap because I am a female, but little do they know I do know the answer and it makes them about half mad because I do. Then I have men who will call and ask for me because they know I will get done what they need or I do know the answer. Morris I am white and it doesn't seem to matter what color you are anymore I think it is just people who are ignorant. ( not you or I though). I am just saying I know where you are coming from even though I am white and I female in a mans world.

  2. Hi Morris,
    I too am a born again Christian! I grew up in California where if you are a Christian you are pretty much persecuted. There are more new agers and atheists then there are Christians in the part of California where I was. Now I live in the south, Tennessee. When I moved here I was astounded at the racism. Racism is not prevelant in California. I did not know there was such a thing as a "black church". I am with you, let's all worship and fellowship together regardless of color. I go to a pentecostal church where you will find various ethnicities. I believe that is so important in that we can all teach each other from different perspectives. About Obama, I agree with you. When he was running for presidency my mom made a public comment that she would not vote for him. A person turned around as with anger told her she must be racist. What an ignorant comment that was. My mom told the person that she wasn't racist she just believed that he was definitely the wrong person for the job. I think he has proven that too! Did you read my post about Obama having a mosque built next to ground zero. And of course it is to be opened on 9/11/2010. That is a slap in the face to America.
    Peace to you,

  3. Hi Charlene...somehow you have become my favorite classmate! I can imagine how you feel. I see what you experience every day. I am so in tune and observant to what women go thru. Of all the things to be, I would not want to be a woman. You and I are in the same boat with the same crazy ass captain.

    I think the problem can be summed up easily enough. First of all men has never had respect for women. That is a fact, we will say all the right things when required to be polically correct. Another problem is men do not see women as women. The see them as females. I know a lot of women and not one female. God created women so we ought to call you that. He did not create females I think the prison culture in America is largely responsible for this. (America's Prisons....coming soon to a blog near you!)

    If I came into your work area, I would assume that you knew what you were doing which is the reason for your employment. I am not the average man...the average man comes with the attitude you describe. We are not the brightest creatures but yet we are in charge. God really does have a sense of humor you know.

    Do your thing girl! Long as the direct deposit goes thru on payday...just look at these clowns and remind yourself...there is a place reserved for them

  4. Hey Kathleen, thanks for your input to my reallyreallife.

    Let's start from the conclusion of your post...Obama. Your mother is absolutely correct as far as I am concerned. He will destroy this nation. He is a closet Muslim and I am thoroughly convinced he speaks perfect Arabic. He is a fraud but black people wanted him for president cause they want him to get revenge on white people. Colin and Condeleeza were not seeking revenge so the black communities called them sell outs. Remember, a significant amount of Obama support was from uninformed first time voters who's only political knowledge besides always vote democrat is to vote the black man regardless of his stand on the issues. In fact, vote democrat and the black man could be the African American mantra. (coming soon to a blog near you African Americans and the Democrats: An Unholy Alliance.}

    As a matter of fact Obama has already said America is no longer a Christian nation. Yeah, cause he wants a different kind of revenge. He wants to serve this nation up to it's enemies on a silver platter. When the Russians and Middle Easteners join forces against Israel, The United States and Britan will be powerless to come to her defense. That is okay cause a 6th part of them will return to tell their brothers of the God of Israel who neither slumbers nor sleeps.

    This is reminiscent of the biblical story of the man in torment who wanted to have an angel tell his brothers about the power of the Israelis and their God...(Luke 16:19 for those interested)There is a desire to destroy my people because they gave birth to Christ, plain and simple. As the Jews go, I go. Black people aint going no where...attitude and perspective, coupled with the fact we are rejecting the God that our parents and grandparents served. I always side with the faithful and true. I do not dislike my people or have any self hate..I am just realistic and truthful.

    By the way Kathleen, we are neighbors. I am in the prison state of North Carolina.

    If you are familiar with All in the Family, the television show, Archie Bunker always referred to the bathroom as "the terlit" I call North Carolina the "terlit" state. You can fire someone for any reason including no reason at all. If that aint the blackest of the black laws.

    Anyway............I am glad to meet another sister in Christ. Soon our Savior will appear in the sky and shout, the sheep who know his voice will respond just as Lazarus did when he heard the voice of Jesus telling him to come out of the grave.

    By the way, my wife has been insiting that we visit Dollywood in Seveier, TN soon.

    Peace my sister.

    Peace to all.

  5. By the wife and I have had trees planted in our names in Israel. There is no intention to plant in Africa. For me and mine, the blessings flow from Israel, not Africa. I love my people though... we are just crazy as crazy can be sometimes. However, we are the most forgiving of people but that is not a commonly know fact.

  6. Hey Morris,
    Thanks for responding. I appreciate your position on Obama. Did you read my post about Obama putting a mosque near ground zero, due to open on Sept. 11, 2010?
    If you and your wife like water, Splash Country can be a lot of fun too.
    God bless you,