Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What if There Were Tests?

Hello everyone, welcome to my reallyreallife. I am sitting here trying to control my laughter as I consider today's topic. The question of the day is, What if there were tests. I met a man at the supermarket recently and I have not been able to stop thinking about our conversation. It began with cordial acknowledgment and talk of 4th of July festivities.

At some point in the conversation he told of being with his grandchildren. I asked how many grandchildren he had and he said, after long thought, that he did not know. Lacking words, I asked how many children he had. He stumbled further and finally said "I always forget how many kids I have". Let me stop laughing. I again fumbled for words and said "Wow, that many?" He said in a soft voice, "it's not a lot, I just can never remember how many there are".

What if there were a test you had to take to become a parent? How many people would pass it? What if it were like the GED test, you know, "make up a few years in a few hours"? In your reallyreallife have you ever met someone and questioned their ability to parent? You know the one, mean in the supermarket, child out of control, you know what I'm talking about. So I began to compare it to a standard test an adult has to take, like for a driver's licenses for instance. You can obtain a drivers license and not be a driver per Se. In other words such a person can get in a vehicle like a BMW and drive it like they are afraid but, have a license.

My question again is "what if there were a test". How many people do you know who you think would fail or pass such a test? And, is there more on the pass or fail side? I was just thinking.


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