Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello everyone, welcome again to my reallyreallife. You guys know I started this blog as part of a college writing requirement and the professor told us to write. Write anything she said, whatever is on your mind or any emotions you have or had...just write she said. Well, I have found myself to be writing my reallyreallife more than required. It is fun I like the platform and I enjoy it. Maybe I can get a book or movie deal like the woman who did the book Julie/Julia, the book from which the wonderful movie starring Meyrl Streep was created.

Let me share with everyone what I have experienced over the past several days. To make a long story short.....................I sent a response to an individual as part of an assignment. I was expecting the individual to show me by example and leadership how to contain an unpleasant situation. The expected outcome did not occur. The individual for some reason shared my project with someone else. The individual never contacted me to get clarification about my contact and in fact never found it necessary to respond to the complaint itself.

I am the type of man that if there is any problem I will express that and if there is any ambiguity about the information I need, I will ask the appropriate follow up questions. This is common sense that everyone I know practices.

The person then contacts me and gets off to a professional start. When I submitted my project I I introduced myself and the purpose of my contact. The person who contacted me did not start out along the lines of: Hello, I am and I am contacting you because. She started out I have been informed and based on that I am taking action against you. In fact she said, "I have investigated the complaint against you". She has subsequently recanted that statement. She know acknowledges only having read a document and in fact did not even speak to the individual whom it was originally addressed. Interesting, very interesting.

So for that past few days the person and I have been going back and forth about what was initially her interpretation of the letter that was not addressed to her and therefore taken out of context. Especially in light of the fact she never even spoke to the person who had received it. So it seems whenever she has contacted me and I responded, she has gotten angrier and angrier.

No leadership from the individual, who is by the way supposed to be teaching me and now the person going on and on about my reasonable and rightful expression of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable from my point of view. In fact, the person felt a need to remind me where I am. My response? "I know where I am". Oh I forgot to tell you,... apparently the person did not come with the attitude that I was intelligent in the first place so so I guess the possibility existed that I needed reminding.

I am so the individual and the person are upset. They are upset because the keep "interpreting" what I am saying. Neither has yet to address my initial concerns which is what got this ball rolling in the first place. We just get deeper and deeper into hostility and threats from the person while she accuses me of threatening and intimidation. I do not like to be accussed. You want to piss me off, falsely accuse me! Nothing short of an apology can heal that wound, that is how I feel personally.

Here is what is going on people. Let me give you insight into my reallyreallife. The person contacted me and thought I would submit myself to her. When this did not happen she got offended and felt a need to regain control. When that did not work she started to tell the classic lie that she is afraid of me and feels threatened and all this code word racist back in the good old days when black people knew their place and when to shut up and back down evil ass highly educated don't know nothing trying to analyze me like you know me inept ass moron. There is something that requires no interpretation. That is how I like to speak. Her is how the person is seeing the situation: I am the so and so at so and so and I do not see you as an individual see you as I see all the others who ain't even here black men who is supposed to know to submit to me when I am finished talking or I will have your ass on the work force as punishment for not knowing your place smart ass how dare you question me or challenge me student.

I am a man first, a husband and then a father, then a student. In my dealings with the person, she feels I am student first. There is the disconnect. She thinks we must be back on the plantation these are the good ole days when she speaks to me. I can even imagine her face getting red after I respond to the stupid e mails she sends. Apparently she does not understand the best way to prevent hearing what I have to say is to stop sending the e mails.

The person has blown this thing way out of proportion and I have lost all respect for the individual who's actions initiated this whole mess. Oh, there are not a lot of black men who are my peers. So naturally when I show up being the arrogant individual that I am. {what some call arrogance, others call confidence"...same number of syllables. So naturally they do not know what do do. Except to be afraid, threatened, intimidated, uneasy, uncomfortable. I told the person, "that is not my problem" . The person had no regard for me so I have no regard for her. But I bet she will tell of all the black friends they have. Phony as a eight dollar bill ass heifer.

Anyway, this culminated in the person, in all her professionalism threatening to fire me like I work for them. The fact of the matter is I pay their employers to provide a service. They are accountable to me. The person thinks we will conduct business on their terms, as though I just arrived here from Cuba or something. Just glad to be here, Yes I can work 18 hours a day. Let us say for instance I am accountable to them, I have already shown by my actions I would be a great alumni member. The person and the individual need to get past my rightful and lawful expression and focus on my actions. I have been accountable and the records clearly reflect this.

This is in line with the Martin Luther King, Jr mantra about content and not color.......................or interpretation or position or title or anything else. See me for who I am and give me my proper respect at all times and don't be surprised when I don't turn tail and run from your attempts to intimidate or threaten after you have been disrespectful. That';s what the person did, coward out and not be able to face me for the reasons I stated above. But the most galling thing is that the person has already shown in ther interactions with me to be untruthful at best, I liar at worst and incapable of doing what they say they will do. I do give no great amount of respect to people with these traits. Liars do not deserve respect, especially when the lie is to designed to cause me hurt or harm. Especially when the lie is told intentianlly to harm or hurt me. You see, I was just supposed to take the persons word...I do not operate like that, now, the person is attempting to make a mountain out of a molehill instead of withdrawing from her position. I think there is deeper issue at hand here.


This has been another episode of my reallyreallife. I hope you enjoyed the ride and perhaps see things from another perspective.

As always, I close with my sincerest desire for all, it is a word we all cherish


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