Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day in the City of Chicago, Just Another Day

Hello everyone. 52 shot. 8 dead. 3 days. This was fathers day weekend in Chicago. This is so tragic. The victims are black as well as the perpetrators. My people, My people. I touched on this issue as it regards me personally in a previous post. No love, no peace in the black communities of Chicago. Today is Tuesday and I am just finding out about this. 52 shot in a 3 day period and it barely makes the nightly news. Land of the free? Home of the brave? Land of the armed! Home of the scared!

The sickening aspect of this situation is that these men are surely fathers. Each to more than 1 I am sure. The victims and perpetrators both. What are we doing? Where have we gone wrong.

If any of the so called "black leaders", Jesse, Al and them were any kinda of real leaders, they would have spent the past 3 decades or so leading, no developing catchy phrases to distract from their lack of substance. If black people had any "leadership" we would not find ourselves where we are in Chicago. Jesse is in Chicago, Obama, came from Chicago, Louis Farrakhan is from Chicago. Where is the leadership of these native born men of this city? Why are we still involved in this culture of death and destruction that has no end in sight with the current "leadership" we have now. As a matter of fact, I have yet to even hear a sound bite from any of them denouncing this behavior and condemning it in the strongest and clearest language possible. This is all they should be talking about, period.

There is nothing that I see as more important of the African American/Black agenda than a cessation of this violence in our communities and we need black men to step up and lead the fight. I realize pimping from the pulpit is popular in our communities but the time has come to rid ourselves of the pimps and the pushers and the thugs. Even the ho gotta go!

We have glorified thuggish behavior and whoreish behavior for too long now. It is time to let it go.

Look at all the money made from rap................let me back up a minute. Rap was about fun, jokes, laughing....no violence, no niggas, no ho's, no bitches, no fights, no guns, no death. Well less death. Hip hop came and brought these things to our communities and we act like they did us a favor by "keeping it real". Like Chris Rock said........"real dumb." Instead of placing our focus on our reading and our children's reading, we are teaching them to be cool and wear the latest thing with somebodies name on it. Our priorities need adjusting and we have to do it ourselves. We cannot and should not have been waiting for anyone to do it for us.

Here is a good example..............why beg ABC, CBS, Fox, etc to put on quality black programming that reflects positively on us when we do not even do it on our own BET network. We have some nerve. Now I guess Tyler Perry has to save black entertainment with his studio in Atlanta. another black "savior".

Speaking of a savior, why are we still looking for some one person to lead us? Why can't we regulate ourselves without a leader/spokesperson? I realize we are the only ones to not come to this country voluntarily, I realize we are the only ones who were not allowed to keep our language, our culture, our heritage, our dignity or most importantly, our freedom. Everyone else came to this country with their culture, language, heritage and everything intact. We were completely broken off to the point where it is not uncommon for an African American says he hates Africans. We have lost our minds.

We need to stop blaming others for our problems by recognizing what they are and taking the appropriate steps to alleviate them. If white people shot 52 black folk in 3 days there would be riots in the streets. Why are we silent now.

This is my reallyreallife............full of controversy. The truth hurts but it will set you free!



  1. Wow..
    That was the deepest thing I have heard anyone say in a long long time and break it down with all scrutiny necessary to make your point. I had not even heard that there were these people shot in Chy Town.. Let alone did I know that they were all black. This world in my opinion is in it's last days. And outside your door is hell. In my opinion when people think of hell they think of going underground and burninig(bullshit) I believe that god made this hell and most people are living in it. Not saying you can not go outside your front door. But just keep in mind that when you do you are stepping into the devils playground. That is why I stay my dagone behind in the house.

    As far as our supposedly leaders,. You kicked mad knowledge. I did not know Obama and the others named were natives of Chy Town?

    I think you are very very intelligent and thanks for giving the people what they need. You should be getting paid for writing this kind of stuff Mr. Owens(seriously) It sounds like a news editorial. peace...

  2. Mr.Owens,

    Sadly most of the statements and comments you made are all too true but not too well known. Ah. You said that we have these so called "black leaders".

    I completely agree with the statement of them being"so-called black leaders". But the one thing that if you would please correct my ignorance, I don't remember there being any election or sort of process to pick these so-called leaders and if there was or will be --How long will they be able to stay our black leaders and hold their position in office?

    How did they get these positions,who decided that they were our black leaders. Is it because they spoke to the public in a manner that was appeasing which lead them to gain publicity or did they just have police radios and were the first ones on the scene and decided that whatever the situation was they would generally profit or gain from it or was it due to sheer attrition?

    I agree with you I don't think the black community necessarily needs a so-called blackleader , We should take responsibility for our own actions and lead our selves.

    I never understood why black americans have always felt a need to have a black leader while other ethnic groups have politicians and representatives.

    That to me says that other ethnic groups take responsibilities for their actions and communities and do not rely on one individual to take control for what they know how and what they should do for themselves. It is always easy to let someone else do it, and then put the blame on them when it doesn't go right.

    All of our so called black leaders are nothing more than poverty pimps. They profit from the negativity and ignorance that sometimes rears it's head out of the black community.

    I can tell that I will enjoy reading your blogs as you and I find a lot of things particularly interesting in the same fashion.


  3. Hello Morris, When i read this post i was shocked. I live 3 hours away from chicago and i didn't even hear about it. My brother use to live out in chicago and was a fulltime student at UTI. I am so glad he has come home due to family issues.

  4. Thank you so much for reading. You are right. Who voted these morons as our leaders in the first place. They are nothing but "pulpit pimps" If we had any leadership black on black murder, lack of home ownership and a lot of other ills that we as a people blame on society is really our own fault. Look at the Israelis. Hunted down and almost wiped off an entire continent but, they rose up, overcame, did nor complain, regrouped and now have the most beautiful nation in the entire middle east. This is what black people should have done. Stood up for ourselves instead of begging ABC and them to put on quality television that is reflective of the black/negro/african american/nigger experience. By the way...when we get tired of being African American, what will we be called, forever sorry? We have issues that must be resolved by us because the white man does not cause our problems, the democrats do. We are too loyal to them. Understand though, we have an unwritten agreement with the dems, it is...vote for us and we will increase all of your subsidies. Get pregnant and come see your uncle Sammy. I'll get yu a place, you don't have to listen to your mother. I'll even give you money fordiapers and food...this has not worked out for us and it never will. Rise up people, let's do what the Israelis did. We have to focus on education, not being cool or hip and stylish. A child with 100 dollar sneakers but can't read properly is a shame. That is just a good looking dummy.

    Peace to all and keep commenting!