Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello everyone, welcome again to my reallyreallife. I am so glad that you take time to read this blog/blab. I blog, I blab, I complain, I appreciate, I recognize, I stand up for, I stand against, I speak my mind, I say what I think, I say what I mean, I mean what I say, I am who I am, I know what I know, I love what I love, I hate what I hate, I give what I give, I'm glad that I give.

I wont be brought, blackmailed or bribed. I will stand up, I will do what is right, all the time, anyplace, for all to see. If I find myself to be incorrect at least I took a stand. At least I stand up for something, at least I'm not content, at least I don't think I'm the best, at least I know truth, at least I know me, at least I know friends, at least I know love, at least I've cried, because I loved. I could go on but I will stop and say what I came to say...............

I started this blog as part of an assignment from my writing professor Barbara Campbell-Hall. Mrs. Campbell-Hall made the first comment to my blog. Unfortunately, I have been remiss in reading and responding to comments in response to my writing. I apologize to everyone and will continue to do better. Subsequently I just read today the first comment to my blog.

I set out with a goal to write from a different perspective and be interesting so that people would find interest in what I am writing. In fact I said something to the effect of trying to be a wanna be writer. Fortunately, today I read my the first response to my initial posting at reallyreallife.

It was from professor Campbell_hall who said I was not a wanna be writer, I am a writer.

I was astonished. What I set as my goal was accomplished and confirmed by my writing professor. I am blessed to have received her kind words and support.

Therefore, I want to say to everyone who reads this blog or tells someone about this blog, thank you. I will not be satisfied to be a writer. I want to set a new goal today. To become a better writer. A better writer for my own growth and a better writer so that you, the ones who take the time to read this, will always get the best I can, every time.

Oh, oh, oh....................................another goal I set was to get ten "followers." My wife should have been my first follower but she lives me so, why bother. Well today she surprised me in a conversation about Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat. She was talking about his five....I was not getting it............public school. Then I understood that she was saying that although she was not my first, she would be my tenth...which is better than Dwayne's 5. I love her forever and ever, and ever. Thank you baby..............your are, was and always will be number 1! (why am I so arrogant?) I'm not, I'm kind, I'm supportive,........... and all the different people I am that make up me............Morris.

Gotta end with one of my favorite things, an important part of my reallyrealife,


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