Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is Television your Friend?

Hello again everyone. This is my reallyreallife.

I am wondering about the television. When it initially became the medium that it has grown into today, television's purpose was to inform and educate. Nothing else, period. That was it's sole purpose. I liked television better in the old days, when it went off at a certain time. In those days people got 8 hours sleep and came to work refreshed and eager. Contrast those days with today's television watcher and it is no wonder it is hard to get good help.

Television does not really inform and educate anymore. It entertains. In America entertainment, successful entertainment, pays well. There is nothing more successful in the entertainment field like television, especially cable television. The medium is so successful that they can charge hundreds of millions of dollars to show a commercial lasting a few seconds. Even Oprah has a television network. The medium has a great deal of influence on a person whether one knows it or not.

Because it's purpose has changed from informer/educator, the question becomes, how should it be defined today? I have an answer to what it has become. It has become a friend. Yes, television is a friend to most people. The reason, I think these reality shows are so successful is because people are at home with their friend television and not out in real life with a real friend. Who really has real friends nowadays? Our friends are on facebook. They are not at our homes and we are not at their homes. We are at home with our new friend television. Better to watch others live and try to succeed than to do it ourselves.

Some will say Morris, why do you say this is true. There are approximately 300 million people in this country. If the top five shows in a particular time slot have a total of 40 to fifty million people watching at any given time, you can't be out and about with friends. Remember, we stay in touch with virtually, not in reality. I think we have this whole "reality" thing backwards. The reality show has now become our reality. These people have become our friends and we can't wait to see them next week. So, if 40 to 50 million are watching at any given time, let's assume the same number of people are at work. Well, were at work. Let's say now that the same number of people within the country are asleep and the soldiers are off to faraway places so we can continue to enjoy our "reality...just those numbers alone means a lot of unreal reality going on. Do you have real friends or "reality" friends?

I have real friends that I see and touch and hear and break bread with, I go visit them, they visit me. This is my definition of a friend. Any number of "friends", does not compare to "a friend"

I could go on...and on and on if I want to but, .....I was just wondering. This is after all my reallyreallife.


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