Friday, July 16, 2010

It Is On !

Hello everyone, welcome to my reallyreallife. So much too talk about but first........

It is on like popcorn. The bastards at kaplan have made a terrible mistake and the battle has begun. Because I attended the so called university they wanted to suspend my protected do not do that to a soldier and think all will be well. Ginger the horse, Charles the dick and John the bitch will remember my name forever. If you recall, I wrote about the terrible service at kaplan in my 1st or 2nd blog post. They suck, so now they can suck! They thought I would go away but like the Hebrews leaving Egypt, I will be leaving kaplan loaded with enough gold to build my own idol. But, I will build no idols with my gold. I want kaplan and all who side with it. A friend of kaplan is now my enemy.

The well was what....I am interested in the proper clean up of the gulf and it's fisheries.

My wife said I have to change my upcoming topic of Why I am so misunderstood to...."why no one like me" Well I can tell you why people do not like me: So many reasons. It will not be because I am a liar or a thief or a cheat or a sneak or because I will stand up anytime, anyplace in front of anyone for what is right, I am fearless, I am courageious, I am dependable, I am trustworthy....lawyers on phone gotta go



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  1. You are in trouble. I have even tried to email you and you still don't answer me. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh well! What classes are you in next term maybe we can catchup there. Have a Great Week off from school. Hope to hear from you soon.