Friday, July 9, 2010

Stupididy or Insanity?...Extra, Extra...Read all About It

Hello everyone, welcome again to my reallyreallife. I named this blog reallyreallife because I live a really real life. Controversy, controversy, controversy, what a world we live in. For those who know me and the person I am know that I always stand up for what is right. Always. Anytime, anyplace in front of anybody, whatever needs to be done. Someone might say, "what is right?". Everyone is born knowing what is right and what is some degree but, the basics, do not kill, do not steal, etc, we are born knowing them. I hope all of you would agree with that statement.

So here I am at Kaplan University and doing very, very, well. I am proud of myself as I have exceeded my expectations. Well let me tell of an ongoing incident with the university. This is my personal business and I can share it in any forum I chose and I stand by the accuracy of all accounts.

My degree program is entitled Medical Office Management. I am currently taking that particular class at this moment. The class had an assignment that called for us to outline a time where we had bookkeeping, management style problems with that business, would we and why would we and would we continue to do business with that company. As always, I posted more than the required amount of discussion board posts. I do more than is required in all of my classes. The records speak for themselves.

I posted of a particular company whose employees have hung up on me, for no reason other than not knowing the answer to your questions. Or the fact that none of the information they give is orderly or proven to be accurate. I identified this business as Kaplan University. I told the story because it is true and pertained to the topic at hand. The professor sent a response on the discussion board, not to me personally, but publicly defending Kaplan as though I had spoken against him and all that he loves. He was offended.

The professor apparently gave the post I made to a Dean who contacted me. A standard template that did not apply to anything she contacted me about. What I took from the contact was a displeasure that I had identified Kaplan. I also took away a sense that she felt I was using the discussion board to "vent" my "frustration". This was not the case at all It was and is my story. I can tell it truthfully and accurately without the dean of a place of higher learning being so offended by it. She said it was "not a post to see among a group of scholars". There was a group of students there, I did not see any scholars. A scholar is "a person with profound knowledge of a subject". Again there were no scholars present.

So, what is she upset about? I was under the impression that I was among other adults who pay Kaplan University to provide a service or product. It is unfortunate she has now decided to block me from accessing Kaplan University. She says, "I have been warned of my conduct" previously. Is this a conduct issue or is this an "inappropriate post" issue. Hell, is it 2 issues? Conduct? telling my story of my dealings with the school that I do business with as a paying customer is now an issue of conduct? Apparently the dean sees me as an employee, not as a customer.

Yes there was a incident, with this same professor about another post we had when he was John and I was Morris. Then he wanted it to be professor student and I was not having it. He may have taken it personally. He is the only student professor I have had a problem with in my time at the university. I do well and excel but, the dean says I have a conduct issue...what to do, what to do.

I guess had I been more contrite and apologetic over my post she would have pleased,,,the problem with that premise is I am not on the earth to please her, nor her, me. So, I do not feel "bad" because there is nothing inapppropriate, disrespectful, untrue, malicious, having intent to do anything reason I said it, stand by what I said as the truth. Period Now Kaplan says this 2 time dean lister and 1 time invitee to the honor roll in 4 terms is unworthy of continuing to be a customer there? This is the kind of outline that my post was all about. There has been no regard for the customer as a contact to clarify or assist. The contact she sent me, the topic was "CONDUCT CONCERN" she must be really angry, don't you agree. Is that an appropriate way for anyone to contact someone for the first time? Is that professional. Her approach, her tone and the level of respect she brought is what is inappropriate about the situation. I am not a scholar or a dean, but I would not make initial contact with someone in such a manner. It has an air of superiority to it I think. It is also not diplomatic in any sense of the word. You cannot contact me in such a manner, when I am paying your employer for a service and disrespect me and threaten me because I told a personal and true story. I thought I was at a university but, it sounds like I am at 3rd grade in some public school. "Don't say that Morris, that's not nice, time out for you" What the hell is is going on here with these people. That is a rhetorical question, I got this.

Okay, I got it now...from the subject line the topic is as I said "CONDUCT CONCERN", so that means at Kaplan University if someone does not like what you have to say they can silence you with threats of expulsion, like I work for them? I do not know what version of America they practice at Kaplan University but is not the version I know or support. They should be ashamed of themselves for beginning this process, making a mountain out of a molehill. If the dean does not like what I have to say about any subject that is not my problem. She does not get authority over me and what I say. Especially when I am a paying customer! Somebody is crazy and it ain't me. I will not give Kaplan or allow Kaplan to exert that kind of authority in my life, regardless of title.

I am a Son, a diplomat, redeemed, payed for, cleansed, awaiting the redemption, favored, exalted, Princely, eternal and whole lot of other things, all of them similarly wonderful. I know who I am and titles do not move me. I have titles, through Christ Jesus. Proper respects gets a warm welcome, everytime. I am not nervous or anxious, I'll take on a title, I aint scared. Censorship at a university, where are we 1938 Germany? Poland, 1943. The USSR in 1963? Are the troops defending her right to decide if what I say is appropriate lacking, vulgarity, profanity, etc? I think they are there defending my right to speak, damn her ability to decide. What are they gonna say now saying what I say in this forum? I get kicked out of the blogsphere? She wants authority I cannot give and now she deems me disrespectful, the nerve. Bring it on sister.

For those who have not accepted Christ. There are titles and benefits and powers and authority and nothing but good, good, stuff. What? You gotta see to believe?.........okay then........... open your eyes ! That's the side I side with, that's just me. To each his own. But you miss out on a lot of benefits, I'm sorry

I want to know what you think about this issue. I love the opportunity to speak and share with all who find time to look in on my reallyreallife.

Oh yeah, this all comes at the end of the term where I currently have a 92 grade in my writing class and a 75 in my management class. The professor is such a dick, other than that I wouild have a 90 there also. But not to worry, the final for his class was easy and by the time I finished with it's simpleness, I wou;ld have been at an 80 or better anyway. Could this be motivation for these actions? I have yet to see more than 1 black man in any of these classes at Kaplan Univeristy and I have been there for 4 terms lasting 8 weeks each. They have never met anyone like me and they are confused.....................but they better get unconfused and be quick about it. I will not have this woman interfering in my success cause her probably likely racist ass don't like what the black man got to say and the black man aint showing the proper respect and, the black man better submit to me and, and, and.......................what is her problem? Anyone need a TYLENOL?

Now, after all that, I'm supposed to give her super respect........ absolutely not. Not under those terms. I am the customer and I will not be silenced. Her displeasure is not my problem because there is nothing offensive to be displeased about.


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