Friday, July 9, 2010


Hello again everyone. Here is the follow up to my most recent post of the last hour or so. It is official, I have been dismissed from Kaplan University. According to Charles Hooker,Academic Program director in an e mail dated today. He said "students are obligated to conduct themselves in a professional manner". Everyone at Kaplan keeps saying unprofessional and frustrated and all these other words to characterize me but they have yet to show specifics of unprofessionalism, they just keep talking about it.

He says that "students are to conduct themselves with honor and respect", that is a laugh because prior to this instance, I addressed in a prior post of how the dean had out and out lied to me that she conducted and "investigation". She subsequently admitted the only thing she had was an a copy of a post I made on the discussion board, that the professor had given her. Prior to this she swore she conducted an investigation. I asked her. "where did you get your training as an investigator because you have to speak with all parties involved to fully and completely conduct an investigation. This is the kind of speech that Kaplan University finds offense, obscene, inappropriate, unprofessional. It is again, not a conduct issue but one of speech. Speech that is not profane, just disagreeable to the tyrants and dictators at this university.

He says my behavior "caused a disruption", what behavior? Again, no specifics just a bunch of vague assertions that have no basis in fact. Can you say 1 800 SUE KAPLAN? How can my speech about my experience, that I stand behind as truth be disruptive. The inmates are running the asylum ! This was all about getting to submit to unauthorized authority and powers. I will speak the truth regardless of how any one feels about it. Beside, I do not know it is offensive until I say it. Falls under free speech and now Kaplan University has made more than 1 attempt to violate my right to speech. The only thing I did wrong was to name Kaplan University as the source of my displeasure and now the battle must commence.

Sadly there were some who responded to the discussion post and acknowledge the understood and went/thru/go thru that kind of treatment also. WIll they be disciplined? Will they be threatened with expulsion also? As a matter of fact I told the dean in my response to her communication that I would speak to those classmate to see whether they have had any problems as it relates to these circumstances...another reason to lock me out/expel me, to keep the other slaves in line. Again, they think I work for them.

Again, I want to hear from you guys while I prepare for the battle with the dictators at Kaplan. Can everyone understand now the initial frustration that I spoke to in the discussion post, behavior by a business was the topic of discussion for the class.

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  1. Morris I am sorry to hear all of this. I was looking forward to seeing you in future classes and reading your posts. I wish you luck in your new career and education. Keep in touch please. I will be looking forward to your blogs.