Monday, July 12, 2010

Now that I have indeed "vented".......

Hello everyone, once again hello, hello and hello. Now that I have the kaplan issue behind me I am moving on to a new topic. But before I do, I want to say I am disappointed that none of the classmates in my writing class, other than one person, had anything to contribute to the topic. Somehow, I thought they would have found the situation questionable not only as it related to my situation but to their overall situation as students at this company. They are not a school, they are a company. But, whatever.

I have always loved music, always! When I grew up the music had meaning and purpose. Well, my favorite band of all time, old school band that is, was Earth, Wind & Fire. They always sang of hope and tomorrow, peace and love, it was a consistent message that I was fortunate to have as they filled in some gaps in my life at the time. There was not a lot of hope and tomorrow, nor peace and love. Earth, Wind & Fire brought these important ingredients to my life.

"All About Love" is a song that exhorts one to make some beauty if there was none where one was. I still live this today. Wherever I go I know there is unhappiness and misery as well as disappointment and race and all the other things that occur in life to cause us to perhaps become "bad" people or lonely people. Fortunately for me I had a source of hope in this band. Do you have a source that is unlimited in it's ability to sustain you through the ups and downs, the peaks and valley's of life? I do. It is not of me. It is The One that indwells me.

So, I am happy, not bitter, still me, still confident, feelings ain't hurt,and going further than ever. Pastor Hagee always says you do not know there is a better job available until you lose the one you have. Same thing applies to schools and universities. See there, Good News already. I can accomplish at another university what the kaplan company had no respect for.



  1. Ok so are you leaving Kaplan then. I emailed you but I still haven't heard from you. I am still concerned. I need info Morris info. lol Have a good night.

  2. it is all her from A to Z in the blog Charlene.