Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Opening

Hello everyone, welcome to the official opening of the reallyreallife blog. Thanks to all the followers and welcome to the first time visitors. I just want to take the time to tell everyone what I will be blogging, or blabbing on. Isn't blogging blabbing and blabbing blogging? You decide.

I am going to take a moment today and tell everyone what this blog will be about. Of course it will cover my personal triumphs and failures as well as just general stuff...such as why is it hard to get good help? I may address my wife and her need for gossip and other useless chatter. You cannot win on Jeopardy with the nonsense she feeds on. I might blog about the earth speaking to us through volcanoes earthquakes and other calamities. I am sure to blog about the end of humanity if the enemies of the United States are not defeated. Do you really think there will be a space program or women's rights or gay rights or freedom of the press or independence or any other useful thing to humanity if the enemy wins? I might write of how the nation of Israel is our best and surest ally.

I might blog on why have we not called for a boycott of British Petroleum? As a matter of fact, why is there not a boycott against all BP gas and oil products in the United States? Hit a company in the pocket for best results say the instructions! I might blog about how I love to drive and can drive day and night. I can tell about my relationship with my parents or my sister. That will be a good read. I am so misunderstood. Hell, I can write about how U.S. Marines are not peacekeepers...they are ass kickers! We send Marines where the troublemakers are. Killing the troublemakers are how Marines keep the peace!. For the record, I am not nor have I been a Marine, I just know what they do. They keep the peace by eliminating our enemies. I could blog about how politics can ruin war planning while seeking to "build nations." No one "built" the United States of America, Americans built America. Therefore all nations should build themselves, be they Afghans, Iraqi, Somali, Cuban, Ugandan, or any other nation. We did it, they can do it and they must do it for themselves.

I might blog about my wonderful son. He wants to become an attorney. I lawyer is for attorney is for felonies I told him. I could also write about how he is not going to make any money in sports. I could blog about the best presidents we've had or the worst president's we've had. I could blog about why we have had no former soldier who has attained the rank of General run for president since Eisenhower. Forgive me, not run but, been taken seriously. Of course I will be blabbing/blogging. about medical topics as well

My point is, I am glad to have the ability to speak to these issues and concerns and possibly get someone to see things from a different perspective. If you are older, perhaps from a younger person's perspective. Or if you are younger, from a older person's perspective. The thing that I think is the most important piece of information about my blog is this...what will I not blog about. Will anything be off limits? The answer is a resounding no. If it is in the news or an otherwise relevant topic, I will share my opinion. I have an opinion, you have an opinion. Ultimately nine is no better than yours nor yours better than mine. In the big, big picture, you and I do not really matter. We would like to think we are but the reality is that we are not. We are not the movers and the shakers. We are not the money men and women and we wield no significant political clout individually. The only difference between you and I is that I have this space to speak perhaps a little louder than you. WTFE.

You and I have more in common than you might think. I have red blood, you have red blood, I need deodorant, you need deodorant, I live and die, you live and die, I began as a baby from my mother, you began as a baby from your mother...though we were created by your fathers...(I guess there will be feedback on that remark.) You cannot live under water nor can I and of greater importance to my position is that you want to live as long as you can because no one wants to die.

At some point I will decide how often to do my blog. I am leaning to 3 times per week. Perhaps Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. I am after all a wanna be writer!

I will definitely blog about our wonderful universe because just looking up and seeing the heavens is a wonderful sight to behold. Go outside. Be quiet. Look up. This, is a reallyreallife.


  1. Morris I had you all along I just didn't realize it was you. I get confused on who is who when I don't see real names. I hope you don't mind me picking on you in class. You are is to pick on and fun too. Well see you around have homework to do.

  2. Hey Morris,
    I was wondering if you were ever in the military? You sound very patriotic in your post. If nothing else you are a realist that knows how good we Americans have it over here as opposed to most of the other nations.

  3. Morris -- I would take out the wanna-be and just call yourself a writer.

  4. ello Barbara, I am speechless! Coming from you........I don't have the words.
    Thank you so very much! :}