Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello everyone! Welcome to the reallyreallife blog. I will be using this forum to address various issues. Topics from the headlines, my really real life and many other subjects. I want to thank everyone in advance for reading my material. I hope to make it enjoyable, informative, fun or peaceful. Perhaps a little bit of everything on some days. Of course I want to welcome all of my classmates from Composition II Today I will touch briefly on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

I think it is shameful that with all the combined education from the leadership at BP, Halliburton and the like, they not only did not have a verifiable plan, by verifiable, I mean one that was tested and confirmed as workable, to deal with an instance like this. They had to have know that eventually an accident would occur. Why did they not put a verifiable plan in place?

It seems that these companies, and others like them have inherited a government trait. One of reaction, never proactive. Here is a simple solution to the whole problem of future oil spills. Not only will the offending company clean up at their own cost, they will do it to federal standards and be responsible for all cost. No more clean up on the cheap.

I would also fine the offender 5 dollars per gallon of leaked oil. Considering the current cost of oil, this is a bargain. These companies will surely ensure that at 5 dollars per gallon they do not lose 50 thousand gallons in our waters. This, along with the cleanup cost will force these companies to have an effective and verifiable plan in place to deal with future events like this disaster in the Gulf.


  1. Wow, Morris, you're hitting them hard!! I agree, though, with the cost of oil/fuel that they should be greatly responsible for being fined. It's really crazy how these things happen and no "fail-safe" plan is ever organized to take care of them.

    Good to see that someone has a solution for preventing this from happening again!

    Do you have kids? Just curious cause my husband and I have two preteen girls and need some advice. Let me know!!

  2. Sorry for the delay in responding Chrissy. I have one son, he is 19 and he is at the local college shoring up and refining his study process. He wants to be an attorney. An attorney because they have prestige and make money. A lawyer is for crooks! You want my opinion on a topic? Be careful, I will never play politically correct nonsense. Oh, by the way, my advice will always be bible based

  3. I can handle any advise. If I do not like it, I just won't follow it! And there's nothing wrong with the Bible. I like the Good Book. I won't lie and tell you that I am a Christian nor that I go to church, but I do believe in God, and I was raised up in a very old-fashioned church. So, I do have strong opinions of my own. Only one kid....lucky you...he didn't have anyone to fight with and drive you crazy!! I love mine, but they are difficult. Like I said, bottom up cause I can handle advice.